Dave Balroop, Inc. is a Business Consultancy focused on facilitating the growth of companies by directing their successful entry into complementary practice areas and lines of business, or new markets and industries.

Dave Balroop, Inc. is engaged by small to midsize companies that demand innovative external business perspectives to creatively grow in existing markets and penetrate newer segments and verticals.



Dave Balroop, Inc. is a business consultancy that is exclusively focused on driving the growth of small to midsize businesses by directing their entry into complementary practice areas and lines of business, and subsequently, entry into new markets and geographies. The objective is to impact growth and profitability by exploiting existing capabilities before being disruptively new.

The firm has attained eminence as a business consultancy through its success at recognizing barriers to growth and profitability, implementing complementary offerings with limited barriers to entry, and by embracing new market opportunities that will not lead to catastrophic collapse. Our firm is uniquely differentiated by its capacity to balance risks and rewards first by exhausting the familiar before contemplating any new business ventures.

Our services are offered to businesses globally, with the largest percentage of our clients in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Although there are variations to the industries we serve, our successes are with tech savvy businesses headquartered domestically, but operating globally. This enables us to implement initiatives orchestrating local market dominance while formulating strategies for emerging economies.

More than ever businesses are confronted by shrinking markets, more competitors, nimble players, narrow margins, changing technologies, regulatory pressures, and many others. These challenges can easily overwhelm senior executives, marketing directors, product managers, business developers, sales representatives, and delivery professionals. Businesses are, therefore, eager to engage us as a partner to share their burden of responsibilities.


Our clients are businesses that are confronted by growth challenges which can no longer be addressed with existing internal resources and skills. These businesses have viable services or products, but have reached plateaus of stagnated revenues in competitive markets of fixed or declining sizes.


The industries we serve consist of businesses in high tech software and services, medical devices and systems manufacturing, computer systems manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, education, media, and marketing. Businesses engaging our services are generally tech savvy players in aggressive markets.