The expertise we possess is based on the experience we have attained applying a complement of methods and practices in requirements definition, business modeling, performance simulation, market analysis, system design, project management, and engagement organization.

Most of the deliverables we assimilate are created through the aid of software tools in process modeling, data analytics, statistical analysis, analytical simulation, project planning, engagement pricing, graphics representation, report generation, and document management.



Specialization Advisors and consultants that are paired with clients generally possess specialized skills and experience in relevant industries, business functions, systems, or technologies. This may include industries such as high tech, manufacturing, retail, media; functions such as operations, sales, R&D, HR; systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, CMS; and technologies in GIS, SCADA, embedded, mobile, cloud, or virtualization.

Modeling Resources assigned to work with clients apply unique process modeling skills to accurately represent clients' present and desired business processes. Common constructs derived are Process Decomposition, Activity Diagrams, Event Models, State Transition, Use Cases, Workflows, Storyboards, and Data Navigation; and these may be based on tools such as Visual Paradigm, Business Studio, Casewise, and Visio.

Analytics A common set of analytical tools and techniques are utilized for the collection, cleansing, manipulation, assimilation, and representation of data. Advisors and consultants are proficient in Excel, SPSS, SAS, SigmaPlot, STATA, and a selection of specialty tools for survey design, population mapping, demographic representation, market segmentation, cluster analytics, and social network affinity.

Mentoring Advisors and consultants are required to mentor elected clients' representatives in common modeling and analytic techniques so that artifacts can be subsequently maintained. Mentoring can also be provided in managerial or functional specializations; or broader areas in project management, resource optimization, and contract management using tools such as Project, Genius, TrakSoft, and Contract Logix.


It has been our experience that savvy clients have internally accepted standards in methods, practices, and tools. In such cases the expected modeling and documentation norms of these clients are established during the commencement of an engagement to ensure that we observe protocols.


In addition to their business and technology skills, advisors and consultants are trained in a set of standard operating procedures for chairing committee meetings, performing interviews, facilitating brainstorming sessions, assimilating reports and artifacts, and communicating findings.