Privileges gained by clients revolve around access to reliable solutions that are competitively priced and delivered by reputable providers.  Clients are also free to challenge the recommended solutions and the credibility of elected providers.

Privileges gained by providers pertain to the ready supply of opportunities and sales leads to fulfill the needs expressed by clients.  Providers are committed to execute the contracted requirements and are free to voice objections to deviations.



Clients become members by contacting us and having their profiles established in the forum.  Presently the forum contains several commercial verticals and includes both public and private sector organizations.  As members of the forum, clients are required to list their business needs with us.  These needs become immediate business opportunities soliciting solutions from member providers.

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Providers become members by contacting us and having their capabilities profiled into the forum.  The forum presently contains providers covering a variety of services and products in numerous business and technology categories.  The forum is further obligated to promote the capabilities of providers to member clients, and is required to monitor and grade the performances of engaged providers.

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Member Clients - Clients attain their acceptance to the forum through a screening process.  This process classifies the needs categories to which clients belong, and assesses their credibility at observing standard procurement practices and fairness at dealing with providers.


Member Providers - Providers are granted entry to the forum through a solutions review and past performance evaluation process.  This process classifies the solutions categories to which providers belong, and ranks providers according to their capacity to deliver as committed.