Needs have been satisfied for clients in markets ranging from high tech to medical, and commercial to government.  This has result in a pipeline of repeat business from clients that have benefited greatly from solutions we delivered.

Solutions have been engaged from providers of services and products in areas such as consulting, integration, security, etc.  Providers have now come to rely on us as a key sources for business opportunities and sales leads.



Messaging - A message broadcasting system was delivered to a city that enables administrators to notify employees, residents, visitors, and businesses of situations that are of immediate importance.  This system is able to reach users across all carrier networks, communicating devices, and geographies; and was made possible by unifying the efforts of users, operators, manufacturers, and integrators.

Management - An enterprise project management system and PMO (project management office) were installed for a city.  This facilitates a cohesive framework for administering large projects; and was made possible through the assessment of the client’s specific needs, qualification of potential

Wireless - A satellite based wireless handheld application was developed jointly with a defense contractor for a defense agency.  This application was made possible by negotiating and integrating the services and products from multiple providers.  The application and its infrastructure were tuned for harsh conditions, and have obtained outstanding reviews in live battlefield situations in hostile environments.

Outsourcing - Several contracts are in early stage reviews for the outsourcing of software engineering, help desk support, customer services, and back office processes.  The value proposition to members is cheaper, faster, better.  This has become a compelling proposition to clients seeking to contain cost and reduce delivery time, and providers wishing to expand their engineering staff.


A forum for assessing clients' needs as business opportunities has been established for internal use. This forum classifies opportunities based on criteria such as type of need, monetary size, solution complexity, etc., and is the repository for mining and selecting promising opportunities.


A forum for qualifying providers' capabilities as candidate solutions has been established for internal use. This forum classifies solutions based on the needs addressed, providers' credibility, pricing, etc., and is the knowledgebase that influences the optimum selection of solutions and providers.