Dave Balroop, Inc. provides business consulting in four key areas: Business Model, Market Position, Human Capital, and Operations Enhancement. Engagements in these areas have the explicit objective to influence profitability and growth at minimum risk.

Our services are offered as advisory or consulting engagements, with advisory being the recommended choice since this enables the client's executive team to actively participate and experience the business and cultural changes that are being implemented.



Business Model Analysis A comprehensive analysis is performed on the value chain of a business to validate the effectiveness for sustainable revenue generation at a reasonable margin. The value proposition is deconstructed, good / service is examined, market demand is confirmed, customer capture rate is quantified, sales cycle is analyzed, fulfillment is benchmarked, and transformational changes are enforced to enhance revenue.

Market Position Analysis A magic quadrant and other artifacts are derived highlighting the market position assumed by the client with respect to competitors. This is supplemented by metrics qualifying the market size, maturity, segments, capture percentages, growth positions, repositioning barriers, and other KPIs. Risk averse marketing programs are formulated / implemented to capture growth opportunities.

Human Capital Assessment This is NOT an assessment on the effectiveness of HR practices and policies, but a gap analysis highlighting the fit of the talent pool in relation to the talent required for a client to remain strategically competitive. This reports the deficiencies in human capital, and proposes / implements HR programs in training, mentoring, and recruitment to eliminate the talent gap and retain a competitive advantage.

Operations Enhancement Critical benchmarking is conducted to compare a client's performance against industry's best practices or that of a key competitor. Gaps are measured in KPIs that are of strategic relevance encompassing areas such as total quality, cycle time, customer satisfaction, and cost. New practices and processes are modeled and implemented to eliminate performance gaps.


We possess an exclusive quorum of business advisors each with over 25 years of experience serving as executives with Fortune 1,000 businesses. These professionals are paired to work with clients based on their experience with specific industries, business functions, and other traits such as client rapport.


Through many years of advising businesses, we have adapted our advisory engagement model into three tiers: 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months. This enables us to deliver greater value at a lower cost by spreading the timeline to facilitate greater attention to details, and to better fit the client's operating schedule to avoid disruption in service.